Jayakarta Block 'A' Residents Association - HGB Title Extension
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To All Legal and Beneficial Owners of Apartments in Jayakarta Residence Block 'A'

- This is a special purpose website, provided as a service to the Jayakarta Block 'A' Residents Association (JBARA). It has been set up specifically to assist in communication with all members of the Residents Association (and any related beneficial owners of apartments in Jayakarta Residence Block 'A') regarding many necessary preparations for the Block 'A' HGB land title extension.

- Summarised information on the issues & preparations for the HGB land title extension application can be accessed via the PDF Download on the 'Forms & Documents' page of this website.

- The Sponsor of this website is Michael Ashurst, who has been granted a Power of Attorney by the Chairman of the Management Council (Pengurus) of the Residents Association. A copy of the Power of Attorney is included in the 'Forms & Documents' page.

- Background: The Jayakarta Block 'A' Residents Association (JBARA) was initially formed in 2010 and is a legal body corporate. It is the valid legal entity for undertaking the process of extending beyond May 2015 the HGB title to all the land upon which Residence Block 'A' was constructed and now stands. Legal advice has been given that it should be started early in the second quarter of 2013 because there are several phases to this very lengthy process.

- Membership of JBARA is restricted to legal owners of apartments in Jayakarta Residence Block 'A' (i.e. the Indonesian owner currently registered on the land certificate for each apartment). All legally registered owners are automatically members of the Residents Association.

- Contact: The Management Council (Pengurus) must be able to contact each and every Block 'A' apartment owner / JBARA member so that all the actions necessary for HGB title extension can be taken. For this reason, you are urged to complete and submit the Owner Contact Sheet which can be accessed from the 'Forms & Documents' page. The target is to obtain the completed Owner Contact Sheets by the end of February, and all owners are asked to do their part for everyone's benefit.